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Nanometer knife, accurate puncture tumor cells

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How to protect the surrounding tissues from damage while killing tumor cells? Recently, at the international symposium on nano-knife technology held by the general hospital of the people's liberation army (301), professor Chen yongliang, deputy director of the department of hepatobiliary surgery of the people's liberation army (PLA), and a team from the university of louisville in Kentucky demonstrated a new nano-knife tumor treatment technology, making these a reality.

The cell membrane of tumor cells perforates under the action of high voltage current, which leads to the death of tumor cells

Ablation of tumors is a major advance in cancer treatment in the 21st century. It enables many patients who cannot be surgically removed, or cannot tolerate surgical removal, to get effective treatment. At present, the commonly used techniques include radiofrequency, microwave ablation (thermal ablation) and liquid nitrogen ablation (cold ablation). Despite their respective advantages, the problem with relying on cold and heat effects is that it is often difficult to avoid damage to surrounding tissues while killing tumor cells.

The nanoknife works by making the cell membranes of tumor cells perforate at the nanometer level under the action of a high-voltage electric current, resulting in the death of tumor cells. Nano ablation therapy under CT guidance 301 hospital radiology department, deputy director of the shaw yong, unlike traditional melting technology, nano knife is not using the "hot" or "cold" effect on physical ablation, but by high voltage pulse current disrupt the cell membrane of tumor cells directly, can make the tumor cell death, and can well protect the blood vessels around the nerve, bile duct, pancreatic duct and other important organization are not affected. At the same time, it has the characteristics of small trauma, light pain and quick recovery.


It was reported that the nano-knife technology was approved by the European Union in March 2010, and approved by the us FDA for clinical treatment in October 2011. It was officially introduced to the Chinese mainland in late June last year. So far, it has been carried out in more than 100 cancer hospitals around the world, treating more than 6,000 surgical patients, and its safety and effectiveness have been recognized worldwide.

A study from the university of louisville, Kentucky, found that the nanoknife technique doubled median survival compared with control patients with a history of locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

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