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MBT-Honor Ice

MBT-Honor Ice

*.808nm diode laser can quickly repeat up to 10Hz (10 pulses per second) to remove large areas of hair *.755+808nm+1064nm3 wavelength, more suitable for all skin tone hair *.USA imported laser bar *.Achieving maximum efficiency in painless hair removal treatment by freezing


Optional color

MBT-Honor Ice  

Triple Wavelength Diode Laser  Mixed 755nm+808nm+1064nm

aser hair removal machine with 755nm 808±2nm 1064nm chine Power: 2400W

Fast:12*12mm2 golden standard spot size and 10 HZ repetition rate and reliable full energy output,and the «IN-Motion» intelligent mode to bring the fastest the treatment speed to 10shots per second, most effective energy density which will short the high repeated treatment.Make the treatment course short .


Effective: 2400W strong power supply, makes steady power out put;USA imported Laser bars, 10 layers and real 600W output. (every shot, steady energy)


Safe and painless:We are using Air+water+condenser+TEC cooling you can continue working 24 hours. Sapphire handpiece temperature can reach to -28 °C, which makes the treatment always comfortable.


Intelligent software :Sensitive software control,detective the machine working situation very accurate.


High quality of the inner parts assemble:Reliable parts quality,assembled by the ISO:13485 produce standard.Metal inner structure avoid the international violent transport

Technical parameter

Laser Type

Triple Diode Laser 


Diode laser+ Nd Yag Laser +Alex Laser 


755nm, 808nm, 1064nm 

Spot Size 

12*12 mm



Laser Power 

600 W

Laser Technology

Micro-channel Laser system

Laser Bar No. 

10 pcs 


2-120 J/cm2

Handle Temperature

-22~ 0℃



Output Power 

2400 W 

Pulse Width 

8—500 ms

Laser Shots 

10 million

Application Head 

Sapphire Crystal 

Machine Size 



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