Multi functional Beauty equipment trolley cart
Multifunctional diode laser hair removal machine
Best Commercial Intelligent Skin Resurfacing Fractional Facial Dermatology Co2 Laser Fractional Machine

RBS High Frequency lamprobe 4000 electrolysis Portable Spider Vein Removal skin tags removal machine



Special design treatment pen easy operation

Easily to assemble and disassemble the needles

Medical standard needles,safe and reliable .

Two standards for option 0.01mm(Diameter) 0.03mm(Diameter)

MBT- 400 RBS  Spider vein removal

Work principle of Vascular Therapy Device vascular removal beauty equipment RBS Vascular

The micro-dots high-frequency lightning produces a 30,000,000 Hz ultra high frequency electromagnetic oscillation, with the unique soft silk ( than hair thinner ), at 1/ 100 second time break the hemoglobin, release the energy transfer to the surface of the skin following removal of lesions, capillaries, and intravascular hemoglobin break ,make it into small molecules,then absorbed by the skin tissue itself, so as to make it reach the disposable permanent eradication of red blood results, each treatment of red blood streak time should not exceed 15 minutes, precise digital control system, perfect and concise treatment procedures, simple operation is beneficial to quickly grasp.


Advantages of Vascular Therapy Device vascular removal beauty equipment RBS Vascular


1. The newest technology for red blood silk removal in the market .
2. High frequency technology , instantly treat concretionary hemoglobin and
pathological blood capillary, no any discomfortable
3. Treatment pen is only 0.01mm ,no harm to the skin
4. Tlangiectasia and cherry angioma of whole body can be treatment
5. Good result at first treatment
6. No pain, no risk, and no down time





blood vessels and vein removal.


Acne Treatment




Dark Circles


Pigment Removal


Pigmentation Correctors


Pore Remover


Skin Rejuvenation


Skin Tightening

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