Moscow InterCharm on October 24th to 27th ,2018

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From October 24th to 27th ,2018 ,the InterCharm was held in Moscow. The exhibition brought many large-brand beauty products together and attracted a large number of exhibitors. Before the exhibition began, the local businessmen had already consulted it in advance. MBT-LASER took part in the exhibition with beauty instructors, engineers and sales managers. The company and the high-quality and high-efficiency leading laser hair removal instrument market, its two star products HONOR-ICE and HI500W have patent unique technology advantages won highly concern in the exhibition . 755+808+1064nm laser hair removal technology has a significant effect in clinic performance, aiming at a variety of global skin color, a variety of hair . At the exhibition site, the exhibition hall of MBT-LASER was always crowed by visitors. Moscow local television also interviewed us in our booth position. People came to experience the instrument in an endless stream. Its excellent experience effect was unanimously praised by people.


The four-days exhibition ended satisfactorily. The MBT-LASER brand also drew on the excellent experience of its counterparts from all over the world, hoping to jointly create a healthier and more effective new way of beauty and skin care for all of you. In the future, MBT-LASER will continue to adhere to the concept of pursuing quality, innovation and change, and provide more quality bodybuilding experience for the majority of beauty lovers!

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