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Using the touch screen on the handle, you can adjust parameters without leaving the client. All parameters configured on the handle will be displayed on the screen of the device.

1. Energy

2. Frequency

3. Cooling

4. General count

5. Count for the treated area

6. Water temperature

7. Water flow

8. Ready & standby button


              High power 755+808+1064nm Triple wavelength diode laser hair removal 800W 1400W 1600W600W Voltage: AC 220V / 50HZ Screen Touch 12.8

With market popular rental function, so can well control the shooting time & number accurately when rent the device.

With 5 different Clinical parameter value for different skin type which can more easy to operate the machine, meanwhile the treatment parameter can save conveniently.

Update Menu interface which can help Beautician and Doctor to operate the machine conveniently.

This is an updated version of the Honor Ice.

Laser hair removal on this device is carried out in three modes: wavelength 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm. It was created exclusively for professional use in beauty salons and medical clinics.

Handle with LCD touchable screen, which can easy to adjust parameter even far away the machine, as its synchronized with the host screen parameters. MBT engineers develop a new sparepart which is a nose hair removal technique with a nozzlethis sparepart can remove hair in the nose, ears and small place on body.

 The device is equipped with an intelligent interface in 16 kinds languages with a touch screen, which greatly facilitates its work.

This mixed device combines all the advantages of the listed lasers, the waves of which are directed to different structures of the hair follicle, and to achieve maximum results, 3-4 sessions are required.


Technical parameter

Laser Type

Triple Diode Laser 


Diode laser+ Nd Yag Laser +Alex Laser 


755nm, 808nm, 1064nm 

Spot Size 

16*25 mm



Laser Power 

600 /800/1400/1600W 

Laser Technology

Micro-channel Laser system

Laser Bar No. 

10 pcs 


1-120 J/cm2

Handle Temperature

-22~ 0℃



Output Power 

3000 W 

Pulse Width 

8—575 ms

Laser Shots 

20 million

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