After-sales Service

After-sales service specification

1. service commitment

1. MBT-LASER can give play to its advantages in normal use and maintenance of beauty instruments sold by MBT-LASER.

2. Standard of free warranty

1. Within one year, any beauty equipment failure caused by defects of process or material under normal use condition confirmed by MBT will be provided with free warranty service;

2. Users with free warranty shall hold MBT beauty instrument quality credit card or valid shopping certificate (valid invoice, receipt or contract);

Maintenance technical services:

MBT-LASER has1 service centers in China, which are Beijing, When MBT equipment fails to operate normally due to reasons, and you have carried out simple treatment according to the "instrument fault maintenance guide", but still cannot work normally, please contact our customer operation department in time.
If you need to return to the factory for repair, you can send back the parts (instruments) in the following ways (but you must contact our customer operation engineer to arrange delivery) :

Delivery method:

1. Apply for China railway express at the local railway station;

2. Local long-distance passenger (automobile) transportation station to handle automobile transportation;

3. Local aviation authorities handle shipping;

4. Handle parcel transportation at local post offices;

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